Pirate Bosun's Whistle

Pirate Bosun's Whistle TY-001-117

Man the sails, go aloft, prepare for attack--the shrill whistle of the bosun’s call made pirates jump. The bosun or “boatswain” of a pirate galleon was responsible for the hull, rigging, and anchors of the ship, just as he would have been on any naval vessel. He needed to issue orders more often than other officers so the whistle became his responsibility. Other than the human voice, the bosun’s whistle was the only method of passing orders to men on board ship. Above the pounding waves of the sea, screaming wind of a gale, or din of musket fire, the shrill whistle immediately relayed orders with different notes and pitches. Every man knew the calls and responded without delay.

The shape of the bosun’s whistle hasn’t changed in five centuries. Command your own pirate crew with your bosun’s whistle.

Metal Bosun's Whistle in a canvas bag. Insert card with use instructions

Minimum order quantity - 6