The Q3 Program by DesignMasters


Note: To download our latest Q3 Catalog (PDF) please click HERE.

At Design Masters, we have created best-selling custom products for some of the largest historic and destination retail locations in the country. Sometimes, though, what might work great for a large museum or institution may not fit as well with the requirements of a smaller historic site or shop.

That's why Design Masters created the Q3 Program with our customers' diverse needs in mind: High Quality, Lower Quantities, Delivered Quickly. Intended to appeal to a broad range of sites and stores our semi-custom products promise the same quality that Design Masters is renowned for with faster turnaround times and lower minimum order quantities.

Your semi-custom Q3 product can be produced with a minimum order of $2,000.  This may be comprised of two products using the same artwork, but with a minimum quantity of 144 for each.  There is no set-up fee required, and products can be received within 90 days! Reorders arrive within 30 days. Each piece is customized with your desired image or logo. Choose from decorative traditional or sleek contemporary styling, in varying mediums including fine porcelain, acrylic and glass—quality ornaments, magnets, coasters, paperweights, ceramic tiles, wooden desk accessories, metal keychains, and more. Everything you need to start selling Design Masters products that your customers will love.