Confederate Family Magnetic Dress Up Doll Kit

Confederate Family Magnetic Dress Up Doll Kit TY-001-083

The Civil War, 1861-1865, was a time for conserving, altering, and mending. Our Confederate family, Jonathan, Elizabeth, and their daughter Rose, aged nine, is shown wearing the clothing they would have worn before and during the first years of the Civil War. Southern plantation owners like Jonathan supplied the world with cotton and tobacco, and with the profits could import the best fashion from both Europe and the northern states. Many wealthy southern ladies traveled to Europe to find the latest styles or went north to New York or Boston to have copies of the latest English or French gowns made. However, most children’s clothes, all underwear, and work clothes were made at home by hand. The southern lady and her daughters had to be skilled with a needle in order to make and supervise the making of these clothes. When the war came, the women of the South had to make uniforms for the Confederate Army.

Sheet 1
For under garments, Jonathan wears a knitted red woolen undershirt and drawers. Rose is wearing a soft knit bodice and cotton pantalets. Elizabeth wears a corset cover of cotton batiste over full petticoats of cotton. Hoops were worn for fancy or public occasions. Elizabeth’s yellow silk outfit is worn for visiting neighbors. A matching bonnet frames her face.

Sheet 2
Elizabeth would have made Jonathan’s C.S.A. uniform. To work, Jonathan wears a gray wool, shirt. His pants are held by suspenders. Men’s trousers were worn loose. He has a soft felt hat with a medium brim. His knee-high boots, the most common footwear at this time, are for both work and dress occasions. Lace and satin ribbons trim Elizabeth’s elaborate pink silk evening gown. She carries a lovely green fan.

Sheet 3
Elizabeth’s simple housedress is plain blue cotton and is often worn hoopless, allowing her to move more easily while doing chores. Rose’s burgundy polished-cotton day dress is worn over stiffened petticoats and pantalets. Outdoors, Rose has as striking blue dress with narrow capped sleeves. For parties, Rose wears a pink velvet dress trimmed with draping fabric and white silk roses. Flounced pantalets with white stockings and shoes complete her outfit.

Set includes magnetic play board, 3 dolls (father, mother, and daughter), and 3 sheets of period clothing-mix and match to create numerous different outfits Meets CPSIA safety standards.

Minimum order quantity - 6