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At Design Masters, we love the challenge of turning your ideas into unique, high quality custom products. Our team of talented designers is experienced in working with a wide variety of mediums and has tackled virtually every type of project imaginable in the souvenir and gift industry. For over 30 years, we’ve been devoted to helping our customers visualize and create products to tell their stories in ways that no one else can.


As thought leaders, we bring a creative approach to our designs. We aren’t afraid to think outside the box to accomplish our customer’s goals. Imagine this. The actual cable that pulls the tram cars on the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. When it’s retired, we take it, clean it, polish it and form it into an Arch-shaped sculpture for a gift like no other.


Our products stand-out from the ordinary and elevate the experience your customers receive. What better connection than to offer the opportunity to take home a tangible piece of your site? Here's just one example. The 2018 U.S. Capitol ornament is actually crafted with marble from the original 1863-1865 U.S. Capitol steps, removed during the 1995 renovation. Now that’s a story!


We don’t make history – we strive to honor it through the products we create. Our products make it easier to communicate and preserve the stories which make us who we all are as Americans. Let us help tell your story!

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What our Customers are saying

“It would cost a museum a small fortune to duplicate the design talent Design Masters brings to every project. Their innovation, product quality and packaging are simply outstanding."
- Julia Mosley, Director of Retail // Mount Vernon

“With the help of Design Masters, we’ve successfully created customer favorites, like the Statue of Liberty replicas and miniatures. Design Masters understands the buyer’s vision and keeps true to the customers’ needs by creating exquisite and affordable merchandise.”
- Jose Sepulveda, Director of Retail // Statue of Liberty Museum Store

“The quality time Design Masters spent in researching our museum resulted in exquisitely detailed product that is unparalleled.”
Andy Pineau, Retail Director // National Museum of the Marine Corps