Civil War Secret Stash Box

Civil War Secret Stash Box TY-001-124

On the battlefield, the accumulation of secret intelligence is one of the most important weapons that can be used to gain vital advantages. The American Civil War probably involved more spying, including more people, than any other conflict in our history. Spies targeted the capitals of the North and South, Washington and Richmond, which lay only 100 miles apart. Union agents effortlessly maneuvered in and out of Richmond while Confederate spies easily set up headquarters in Washington. Many a Union and Confederate spy cleverly concealed and smuggled secret information through enemy lines.

It is time for you to assume the clandestine mantle of a spymaster. Surreptitiously stow your valuables and keep your secrets safe with this ingenious Secret Stash Box

Secret Stash Box features combination lock and false bottom. Meets CPSIA Safety Standards

Minimum order quantity - 6