DC Telescope TY-001-149

DC Telescope TY-001-149

Fully functional patriotic telescope with flag graphics. Includes a map of Washington D.C. Meets CPSIA safety standards.

Minimum order quantity - 6


Discovering Washington, DC

The experience of sightseeing in Washington, DC, our Nation’s Capital, is one of discovery and awe, with majestic monuments and memorials representing many significant aspects of our country’s history. With so much to see, you may be missing some important details.  Explore sites along the National Mall and Tidal Basin with our special sightseeing map and a telescope that will allow you to see the details everyone else is missing!

History of the Telescope

Perhaps one of humankind’s most important inventions, the telescope makes far away objects appear much closer.  Although several men laid claim to the invention, Hans Lippershey, a Dutch eyeglass maker, was the first to apply for a patent in 1608.  His device could magnify objects 3 times.

Galileo Galilei heard of the “Dutch perspective glasses” and without ever seeing one designed his own in 1609.  The Galilei version could magnify objects 20 times.  His improvement on the invention was significant, as it enabled him to see and “discover” mountains and craters on the moon’s surface, the Milky Way, the rings of Saturn, and four of Jupiter’s moons – forever changing our perspective on our place in the Universe. 

The Legacy

Take the time to look at the details.  See what others are missing.  Experience the sense of power and significance that the monuments and memorials represent.  Recognize and remember the struggle and sacrifice necessary to build our country and protect its freedoms.