Pirate Secret Decoder Cypher Wheel  TY-001-141

Pirate Secret Decoder Cypher Wheel TY-001-141

The classic proverb holds that "there is honor among thieves" and that even the disreputable and unethical adhere to governance of professional courtesy. Even the most notorious pirates lived by a pirate code of going about their dastardly and often brutal pillaging. But did pirates actually trust each other? Most evidence would point to probably not. The cleverest pirates often buried portions of their booty in secret locations and created enigmatic treasure maps, strange codes, cryptograms, ciphers and keys as interlocking pieces of a cryptic puzzle to find their way back. Typically, such items were distributed amongst the few crewmembers within a small circle of trust so that one could not reclaim the treasure without the others. The need for secrecy and use of covert tools within a select group was critical on an overcrowded ship teeming with thieving pirates. One invaluable such tool could have been a cypher wheel similar to this replica. It would have allowed a small faction to carry on unending correspondence in secret code and ultimately keep any surreptitious treasure stash confidential from the other devious pirates aboard.

"How to Use" instructions included. Meets CPSIA safety standards.

Minimum order quantity - 6