Pirate Wood Cannon  TY-001-143

Pirate Wood Cannon TY-001-143

They key function of cannons aboard a pirate ship was intimidation. Warning shots blasting from a cannon, ominous black flags waving and a boat full of fearsome pirates brandishing cutlasses often served as enough motivation for merchant vessels to give up their bounty without much fight. However, if a merchant ship attempted to engage or flee - the primary objective of cannon fire was to disable the ship and eliminate its crew without sinking it and losing any plundered treasure to Davy Jones's locker. Pirates thus utilized various chain and bar shots to destroy rigging and rip through sails, as well as grape or canister shots that rained down deadly iron balls, nails and even gravel. All would immobilize the targeted ship and dispatch a good bit of its crew while leaving the hull relatively unharmed and above water. Ironically, cannons were frequently responsible for sinking the very ship they were on. Gun crews had to be extremely careful handling explosive powder and keeping the cannon ropes secure. The terms "Fire in the Hole" (lighting the cannon) and "Loose Cannon" (a cannon that has broken free of its rigging) originated with these crews.

Meets CPSIA Safety Standards

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